There are blogs that should be blogged.
That is the thought which immediately preceded the writing of this blog.
At least the attempt at writing this blog.
We’ll see how it goes.

I took a bunch of photos on the Michael Bolton tour, and I haven’t shared any of them with you! Well, I’ve shared some, but not nearly enough.

This might be a bit like looking at a friend’s family vacation photos. Apologies if that is the case. Hopefully said friend has a hot sister, and the vacation is in a warm, tropical, bikini-weather type of place, thus making the photo extravaganza much less boring. We’ll see. I’ll try to keep it fun.


After selecting a number of photos to share, it all seems really boring and unnecessary.
Photos of a tour bus, photos of pretty places in Utah – OK here’s ONE pretty place in Utah, because it really was amazing:

And here’s the venue we played that night:

And here are some of the amazing people I was lucky enough to spend my time with:

And yes, it really was that color. We were in a casino. All day, all night. Neon pink insanity.

And because I love you, here is a video:

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It’s a bear.
A patriotic one.
From Cracker Barrel.
Yes, we ate there. For real. Reluctantly. And hopefully not again for a while.
I had the Carbs/Fat/Butter/Fat Fat Man’s Combo Meal.

I’ve been in the studio again, recording demos of new songs.
It’s exciting.
I never really released the songs from this last two year period, so those will be on the next album, too. Whatever that next album is…lots in the works and we’ll see when it all happens.
Let’s not talk about that. It’s boring.
Just know that I’m writing a ton and planning to tour a lot more this year and will let you know about everything when there are real things to let you know about, ok?

I love you guys.
Come see me in LA at Hotel Cafe on Thursday, May 20th, 8pm.
I’ll play all the new songs then.
Ok – not all – but many.

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