Really excited to announce that my song, “Nobody Knows You Anymore,” is featured in James Gunn’s new movie, SUPER, starring Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler and Ellen Page!!!

I’m super excited about this movie. It opens in select cities on April 1, and will then go to all sorts of theaters in all sorts of cities all around this great country.

Here’s the trailer:


3 thoughts on “SUPER!

  1. Atech Homenet

    That’s what I’m talking about, right there…some content on the big screen, yeah! you go gurl. It’s too late to change this thing from the outside. Go ahead just act natural like every other day. My prayer, the war people will suddenly decide to stop the madness and lay down their arms. It will happen someday. I just hope it’s before the mess we are making becomes such a big threat they have no choice. Animal Rights before we kill-em all
    Yay!Celebrating with you on another big marker. sure be in the wiki. Terra! thanks for your creations…
    “keep it up the stars are close to your head”Tnaomi-hey sweetie, I tag that line every time I write the White House. You’ll work yourself to def…ha!

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